The Process

There are plenty of wonderful full-time book publicists out there, but not every author can afford their services. What I offer is a marketing consultation: an affordable middle ground between a full-time publicist and no help at all. I’ll give you a plan that suggests outlets and bookstores to reach out to, plus creative ideas for online campaigns. You run with it.

The process:

  1. I’ll email you a short questionnaire that asks about the story behind your book and what you need the most help with.
  2. You return the filled-out questionnaire with an ARC or manuscript of your book.
  3. We’ll schedule an hour-long phone call or Skype session to talk through your marketing plan.
  4. On the day of your call or Skype, I’ll send you a rough action plan for your promotion. We’ll discuss and build on it during the call.
  5. I follow up the call with a revised action plan that you can use for marketing your book.
To get started, please contact me vhowlett (at) artisanpublicity (dot) com!